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What makes Downton Motor Club so special?

The UK is blessed with a number of excellent car clubs so what makes Downton Motor Club special?.   The main aim of our club is to be a really fun and friendly club with a number of different activities throughout the year - such as  motorsport events, classic car shows, social events, BBQs, etc..  Check out the 6 panels below which give an insight into the principles of Downton Motor Club.  Yes, we think Downton Motor Club is special - why not join us?

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1. Our Club Members


Our biggest asset is our club membership - although by modern standards we are not a large club, our fantastic membership is the backbone that makes the successful club that you see today.   We are car enthusiasts from all walks of life - always willing to help and share our experience with other club members.  Many of our members are regular competitors at 'Speed' events at motorsport venues across the UK.


2. Our Heritage

The origins of Downton Motor Club can be traced back to the halcyon days of Downton Engineering - synonymous with all BMC and MG cars but most noatably the classic Austin and Morris Mini.  Indeed, Downton developed the ‘S’ version of the classic Mini Cooper engine to create the ultimate performance Mini, which stormed this little car to victory on the Monte Carlo Rally and numerous other international events. 

DMC Classic Show 2022 Flyer_edited.jpg

3. Family Friendly


As a motor club we organise a range of events - many of which are family friendly such as classic car shows, BBQs, car parades,  etc.   Our Speed Championship series takes us across the country visiting some very picturesque locations and provides a great way for family / friends to meet up and support their favourite drivers in competition. 

Look out for our great programme of events for 2023. 


4. Diversity 


Although we have very strong links to Classic Minis we also cater for more modern cars - recently we have seen an increase in members who want to compete in their BMW Minis.  Whatever your make of car, if you are a car enthusiast then you will be made very welcome at Downton Motor Club. 


Many of our members are regular competitors at 'Speed' events across the UK - with cars ranging from single seater race cars to daily drivers.


5. Competition 


We have a very active set of motorsport competitors within our membership - who all regularly compete in Motorsport  competitions around the UK.  We also run our own series of prestigious Championships for Hillclimbing and Sprinting - these are collectively known as 'Speed' events. 


If you are interested in trying Motorsport then Downton Motor Club is a great place to start.  We can provide lots of advice on the options available to you.

images (2)_edited.jpg

6. Advice / Guidance


Our members have a wealth of experience on all types of cars - from ultra fast single seater racers to modern day  classics.  One of the benefits of joining a car Club is the friendship and insights you gain from talking to like minded enthusiasts. 


Whether its extracting extra horse power from an old A Series engine or updating the brakes on a BMW Mini there is always advice available at Downton Motor Club.


Contact Us


Wick Lane,



SP5 3NF,

United Kingdom

Why not come along to one of our events - meet some members and find out what we are all about - you will be made very welcome.

Photo:  Mark Little

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