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Downton Motor Club - Speed Championship Updates

Another great season of motorsport is well underway at Downton Motor Club - but its still not too late to enter.

The Speed Championships are a mix of Hillclimb and Sprint events under the governance and regulations of Motorsport UK. The Championships are open to all members of the Downton Motor Club - please remember to complete your Club Membership application for 2023 before entering the Championships (the online form for 2023 club membership can be found under the Membership tab).

Latest positions for all the 2023 Championships and competitions  for Downton Motor Club can be downloaded by clicking on the XLS spreadsheet icon.   This version includes Round 12 (Wiscombe Park).

Please note the Downton class definitions have changed - they are now closer aligned to the Motorsport UK generic definitions.  Please read the latest / final Regulations before you enter the 2023 Speed Championship. You can download a copy of the 2023 Speed Championship  Regulations by clicking on the PDF icon -  

The scoring system for all the 2023 awards is based on your time set when compared to previous, class record times - known as 'bogey times'.  A copy of the class records spreadsheet for 2023 can be downloaded by clicking on the XLS spreadsheet icon - 

(updated - 9/3/2023)


The Event Calendar for 2023 is very impressive.


In fact, this is probably one of the most comprehensive 'Speed Event' calendars of any motor club in the UK with  - 

  • 32 Hillclimbs

  • 9 Sprints 

  • 6 Junior friendly events for youngsters looking to try Motorsport 

  • 2 Non-championship events

  • Events from March through to Mid October

Click on the XLS spreadsheet icon to download the latest motorsport event calendar in Microsoft Excel format.  


Speed Championship - Online Entry Form

Please note -


  • Remember to join or renew your Club Membership before entering the Speed Championships.  The general Club Membership application form can be found under the Membership tab on this website;

  • Once you have submitted this form you will be contacted by the Club regarding payment of the appropriate Championship entry fees.  You can pay via your favourite banking app, online banking or via cheque.

output-onlinepngtools (11).png
2023 Speed Championship Entry Form

Section 1 - Your personal details - 

Section 2 - Your Car details - 


Downton class definitions can be found in the 2023 Championship Regulations which can be downloaded in PDF format from the icon at the top of this page.

Section 3 - Awards / Championships you wish to enter

Please select the Championships / Awards you wish to enter

* Note -  You must enter either the Main Championship or the Clubman Cup .... but not both  :-)   Full details of the Championships and Awards can be found further down this page.  By entering the Downton Motor Club Speed Championship / Awards you agree to the regulations, terms and conditions of entry as defined in the 2023 Championship Regulations.

Once you have selected the Championship / Awards you wish to enter then please pay your entry fees into the Downton Motor Club bank account - you should already have the bank details from your membership application.   If you need the bank details, then please drop us an email at

Success - Thanks for your online entry - please remember to pay your entry fees into the Downton Motor Club bank account.  Good luck for 2023.

Downton Motor Club - Championships and Awards 

With our club being born out of Downton Engineering you can appreciate that Motorsport is core to our DNA.  We organise a number of very special championships that run each calendar year - our objective is fun, friendly competition that wont break the bank. If you are interested in joining the fun  then please contact our competition secretary by email - 

Derek Kessell -  Maguire Mini Cooper S -

Downton Speed Championship Trophy


This is the main championship event with the competition being scored against their own class times meaning you are competing fairly against all types of cars over the season. A maximum of 3 events will count from any one venue.


Best nine qualifying events will count towards the Overall Championship, subject to a minimum of two 2 Sprints.

1st and 2nd for the top two highest points scorers will receive a trophy plus a cash prize of £100 and £50 respectively.

Ethan Cobb -  Mini Cooper S - Wiscombe Woolbridge Spring 2022 (1).JPG

Downton Clubman Cup


​ The Clubman Cup is Downton's smaller Championship, its a very popular one for competitors wishing to compete but have limited time or budget for a full season.

  1. This Trophy is awarded to the highest scoring member registered for the award, having competed in 8   events or less.

  2. The best five 5 scores go towards the trophy with at least 3 different  venues and 1 sprint.

Simon Hannam -  MG Midget - Wiscombe Woolbridge Spring 2022 (1) (1).JPG

The Wiscombe Park Challenge Trophy


Kindly donated by Jan Odor in memory of his son Keith.  This award will be presented to the highest point scorer from the Downton Motor Club championship rounds held at Wiscombe Park for registered competitors.


The best 5 scores will count towards this award, irrespective of the Downton class entered.

Kevin Taylor - Austin Mini - Wiscombe Woolbridge Spring 2022 (1).JPG

The Chairman's Cup 


This award is given to the person that the Chairman feels has contributed outstandingly towards the club in that calendar year.   


It usually reflects 'hands on' service or contribution to Downton Motor Club and its members.    A great honour. 


The Maniflow Exhaust Award

The trophy will be presented to the highest Championship point scorer using Maniflow exhaust components (manifold or silencer). 

The winner will also receive cash prize of £100


The Burlen Fuel Systems Award


This beautiful trophy is made from original SU components and is for competitors  running SU carburation systems.

It is presented to the highest Championship point scorer using the iconic SU Carburettors.

The Novice Trophy 

At Downton Motor Club we are always keen to see new competitors. 


This trophy for a competitor who has never held a competition licence before & accumulates the most points within the regular championship.

A great way to start your motorsport career !

getting started_edited.jpg

Want to have a go?

Our friends at Wiscombe Park Hillclimb provide an up to date and comprehensive guide.  As well as car and driver preparation it also covers paddock protocol and start line procedures.  Although this guide is aimed at starting hillclimbing the basic rules and regulations are the same for all speed events - including Sprinting.

Go to to download a copy of their getting started guide (in pdf format).   Please contact us if you have any questions about getting started.

All Wiscombe Park Action Photos by Nigel Cole 

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