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Janspeed Technologies Ltd

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There has always been very close relationship between Downton Motor Club and Janspeed - in fact Jan Odor, the founder of Janspeed, was employed by Downton Engineering Ltd which provided the historic foundations of Downton Motor Club.

It is in recognition of these strong and historic links that Janspeed Technologies Ltd is a supporter and sponsor of Downton Motor Club.

About Janspeed Technologies Ltd 


"Janspeed has been a pioneer within the automotive industry, both in racing and manufacturing. We’ve adapted to demand, proven our status as a world-class supplier for many decades and have every intention to competitively maintain this reputation. 


Beyond 2023, I’m proud to continue leading the team within and beyond exhaust manufacturing and bring our expertise into brand-new markets”

Mark Vaughan, Janspeed Managing Director

Most people think of excellence in the design and manufacture of performance exhaust systems when we hear the name of 'Janspeed'.

The Janspeed Technologies Ltd that we see today is much broader in the engineering services it provides.  Through recent investment, recruitment, supplier development and the involvement of technical partners, Janspeed have the facilities and experience to now provide:

  • Design

  • CAE analysis

  • Rolling Road

  • Engine Dynamometers

  • Rig testing

  • Vehicle testing including pass-by noise Type Approval

  • Full programme design and project management

  • Machined parts including special materials e.g. Magnesium & Titanium

  • Pressed and fabricated components

  • Heat Shields – Nimbus Lite – Nimbus GII – Cirrus GIIIx

  • Oil pipes, Air pipes, Water pipes, Intercooler pipes

  • Assemblies & finishes including Polishing, Bead Blasting, Anodising, E-coat, Powder coat, Special ‘tints’, Chrome Plating, Ceramic Coatings, PVD Coatings & Engraving.

Janspeed Technologies Limited
Castle Works, Castle Road
Salisbury, SP1 3RX

Tel: 01722 321833

Partners of Janspeed Technologies Ltd

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