2020 Bogey Times

2020 Regulations

                            2020 DOWNTON MOTOR CLUB                                                 SPEED CHAMPIONSHIP




1.1    Title & Jurisdiction:


    The Downton Motor Club Speed Championship is organised and administered by the Downton Motor Club in accordance with the General Regulations of Motorsport UK (incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA) and these Championship Regulations.


    MSUK Championship Permit No.: (CH2020/S)            Status: Interclub


    MSUK Championship Grade: Clubmans


1.2    Officials:


    1.2.1    Co-ordinator: Brenda Harris


    1.2.2    Eligibility Scrutineer: Tony Freeman LN 17841


    1.2.3    Championship Stewards: Peter Styles, Alan Booth, David Lugger


1.3    Competitor Eligibility:


1.3.1    Entrants must be fully paid up with a valid membership card of the Downton Motor Club and be in possession of a current Motorsport UK Entrants Licences.  


    • Drivers and Entrant/Drivers must be fully paid valid membership card holding members of the Downton Motor Club & be registered for the Speed Championship and be in possession of a current Interclub Licence, as a minimum.


    • All necessary documentation must be presented for checking at all rounds when signing-on.


1.4    Registration:


    1.4.1    Those wishing to register for the Championship must complete the attached Registration Form. Registration for the championship will NOT guarantee an entry at any event. Forms should be returned to:


    Brenda Harris, c/o Unit 9 Barnack Ind. Estate , Wilton . Wilts SP2 0AW 

    Tel: work      (01722 – 741575 )  E-Mail: downton@live.co.uk 


    1.4.2    The registration fee for the Championship will be £25, with the option of registering for the “Wiscombe Park Challenge Trophy” for £10. 


    1.4.3    Championship registration must be received by the Championship Co-ordinator seven (7) calendar days before the start of Practice for the first event a contender wishes to enter. No Championship points will be awarded for events prior to registration.





1.5 Championship Rounds:


    1.5.1    Listed below are the preliminary list of events which will form this Championship: 









































1.5.2    The qualifying rounds will be organised by the clubs listed above and each event will run under its own Supplementary Regulations (SRs).


1.5.3    Championship entrants will be bound by each events SR’s and the General Regulations (GR’s) of the MSUK and these Championship Regulations.


1.5.3    Competitors in each qualifying round must be registered in the Downton Motor Club class and entered as a member of the Downton Motor Club, in order to qualify for awards offered at that meeting and to score points in this championship.


1.5.4    Competitors must display proof of championship registration (Club & Sponsorship sticker), as provided by the club when registered for the Championship    


1.6    Scoring:


1.6.1    Points for this Championship will only be given at the defined Championship rounds where the entrant is entered in the Downton Motor Club class (Where applicable), registered as a Downton Motor Club member and registered for this Championship and displaying the Downton Motor Club Championship sticker on the car.


    1.6.2    For this Championship, Downton Motor Club will run as a single class at all Championship rounds, with the results within the single class being split into the classes as defined in these regulations.


    1.6.3    Points will be scored at each round by bettering the class bogey time for the relevant class.


    1.6.4    Each class bogey time will be calculated by adding fifteen (15) seconds to the average of the class record and the best time recorded within the competitor’s class at each round. Competitors will be awarded 0.01 of a point for every 0.01 of a second improvement over their class bogey time.



Bogey time = ((“Class Record as of Jan 2020”+”Best time in class at event”)/2)+15


Competitors Score = “Bogey Time” – “Competitors best time at event” 



    1.6.5    Scoring Example (for indicative purposes only)


            Wiscombe record for Class 2            = 47.00


            Best time in Class 2 at Wiscombe event        = 48.60


            Competitor’s time on the day at Wiscombe    = 52.10


            Bogey time for Class 2 at Wiscombe event    = ((47.00+48.60)/2)+15 = 62.80


            Competitors Score at Wiscombe event        = 62.80 – 52.10 = 10.70 Points


1.6.6    Where no class record exists, the bogey time will be calculated in the same way, but by using the fastest class time at the first event at the venue year. Throughout the year these times will “roll over” using the fastest time set during the year to calculate the bogey time at each subsequent event. This will continue until the end of the year when the class/venue will be “established”. The fastest time of the year for each class at each venue will become the class record going forward.


1.6.7    The maximum score that can be achieved at any round will be 16.5 points.


1.6.8    A maximum of four (4) scores can be used from any venue for the Overall Championship and two (2) for the Clubman Cup.


1.6.9    A Competitor’s best nine (9) qualifying events will count towards the Overall Championship, subject to a minimum of two (2) sprints.  For the Clubman Cup, a competitor’s best five (5) qualifying events will count, subject to a minimum of one (1) sprint. A Maximum of eight (8) events can be entered in the Clubman Cup.


1.6.10    A competitor must complete at least one (1) timed run in order to qualify for points at any round of the championship.

1.6.11    Class record times in seconds to be used for the Downton Motor Club Championship as of 1st January 2020







1.6.12    In the event of a tie, the competitor’s scores at their first round of the Championship will be considered. If this does not resolve the tie, their second scores will be considered and so on.


1.6.13    Appeals against decisions regarding the awarding of points in the Championship will be in accordance with C6.5 of the Motorsport UK Yearbook


    1.7    Awards:


    1.7.1    These will be presented at the end of season awards evening as follows:


  • Overall Championship awards for 1st and 2nd for the top two highest points scorers. They will receive a trophy plus a cash prize of £100 and £50 respectively.


  • The Clubman Cup is awarded to the highest scoring member registered for the award, having competed in eight (8) events or less with the best five (5) events with a maximum of two (2) events from any one venue counting towards the Cup.


  • There will be a trophy awarded for 1st and 2nd in each class, subject to a minimum of four (4) entries per class.


  • The “Wiscombe Park Challenge Trophy”, kindly donated by Jan Odor in memory of his son Keith. This trophy will be engraved annually with the winner’s name but remain property of the Downton Motor Club. This award will be presented to the highest point scorer from the Downton Motor Club championship rounds held at Wiscombe Park for registered competitors. The best six (6) scores will count towards this award, irrespective of the Downton class entered. 



  • The Burlen Fuel Systems Award will be presented to the highest Championship point scorer using SU Carburettors, with the best five (5) events with a maximum of two (2) events from any one venue counting towards the award. This trophy will be engraved annually with the winner’s name but remain property of the Downton Motor Club.


  • The Maniflow Exhaust Award will be presented to the highest Championship point scorer using Maniflow exhaust components (manifold or silencer), with the best five (5) events with a maximum of two (2) events from any one venue counting towards the award. This trophy will be engraved annually with the winner’s name but remain property of the Downton Motor Club. the winner will also receive cash prize of £100 





    3.1    This Championship will consist of the following classes:


1.    Road Going Series Production Classic Mini fitted with an ‘A’ Series Engine up to 1100cc. 


2.    Road Going Series Production Classic Mini fitted with an ‘A’ Series Engine 1100cc - 1400cc. 


2.a  Road Going Series Production Classic Mini fitted with an ‘A’ Series Engine over 1400cc. 


3.    Road Going Series Production Classic Mini with a free engine type and unlimited modification.  


4.    Road Going Series & Specialist Production Cars, fitted with an ‘A’ series engine of front and/or rear    wheel drive up to 1400cc, or M/C engines up to 875cc. 


4.a   Road Going Series & Specialist Production Cars, fitted with an ‘A’ series engine of front and/or rear wheel drive 1400cc - 2000cc, or M/C engines 875cc - 1125cc.  


4.b.  Road Going Series & Specialist Production Cars, fitted with an ‘A’ series engine of front and/or rear wheel drive over 2000cc, or M/C engines over 1125cc.     


5.     Road Going Series Production BMW MINIs manufactured from 2001 onwards 


6.     Modified Series Production Classic Mini, fitted with an ‘A’ Series based Engine up to 1400cc or M/C engines up to 875cc. 


6.a   Modified Series Production Classic Mini, fitted with an ‘A’ series based Engine over 1400cc or M/C engines over 875cc.


7.      Modified Series & Modified Specialist Cars, fitted with an ‘A’ series engine of front or rear 

    wheel drive up to 1400cc, or M/C engines up to 875cc.  


7.a       Modified Series & Modified Specialist Cars, fitted with an ‘A’ Series engine of front or rear 

    wheel drive over 1400cc, or M/C engines over 875cc. 


8.         Modified Series Production Road Traffic Act Compliant Classic Mini, fitted with an ‘A’ Series Based Engine with 8 valves up to 1400cc, or M/C engines up to 875cc.


8.a       Modified Series Production Road Traffic Act Compliant Classic Mini, fitted with an ‘A’ Series Based Engine with 8 valves over 1400cc, or M/C engines over 875cc.


9.    Modified Series Production BMW Minis manufactured from 2001 onwards.


10.     Sports Libre Classic and BMW Minis.


11.      Downton Motor Club member’s cars which fall outside all other classes, Road Going Series Production     up to 1400cc or M/C engines up to 875cc.


11.a     Downton Motor Club member’s cars which fall outside all other classes, Road Going

     Series Production 1400cc - 2000cc or M/C engines 875cc – 1125cc. 


11.b     Downton Motor Club member’s cars which fall outside all other classes, Road Going Series Production   over 2000cc or M/C engines over 1125cc. 


12.      Downton Motor Club member’s cars which fall outside all other classes, Modified Series Production up to 1400cc or M/C engines up to 875cc.


12.a     Downton Motor Club member’s cars which fall outside all other classes, Modified Series 

    Production 1400cc - 2000cc or M/C engines 875cc – 1125cc. 


12.b     Downton Motor Club member’s cars which fall outside all other classes, Modified Series Production over 2000cc or M/C engines over 1125cc. 



3.2    Classification Notes:


  • Any car with a forced induction system will have their effective engine capacity increased by 40% for the purposes of which class the car is classified into for this Championship.


  • Any cars with engines running on diesel fuel will be subject to a 30% capacity reduction.


  • All cars must comply with the MSUK Yearbook J5 as appropriate to the class entered. 


  • All cars must comply with the MSUK Yearbook S10. 


  • A “Classic Mini” is defined as a Mini, manufactured by British Motor Corporation (BMC) and its successors from 1959 until 2000. 


  • All Road Going Classes must provide proof of current at the time of the event of: Road Fund Licence, MOT (if applicable) and current Road Traffic Act (RTA) insurance. 


  • All Road Going Classes must remain in a RTA legal configuration at all times during the event. 


  • Road Going Classes must use Motorsport UK list 1A or 1B tyres, it should be noted that 1C tyres are not recognised as suitable for Motorsport UK Road Going classes and will move the competitor into the most appropriate modified class. It is the competitor’s responsibility to be able to meet all requirements of the class, this includes the mandatory use of FHR/HANS devices for all non road going classes. 


  • All Road Going Classes (1, 2, 2a, 3, 4,4a, and 4b) must comply with MSUK Yearbook S12.


  • All Modified Classes (6, 6a, 7, 7a, 8, 8a, 12, 12a, and 12b) must comply with MSUK Yearbook S13.


  • Sports Libre Class 10 must comply with MSUK Yearbook S14.1.


  • Class 11 and 12 cars must with comply with one of the following depending on the     configuration of the car entered:

  • MSUK Yearbook S12 if running as a Road Going Series Production Car; 

  • MSUK Yearbook S13 if running as a Modified Series Production Car; 

  • MSUK Yearbook S14.1 if running as a Sports Libre Car; 

  • MSUK Yearbook S15.1.1 if running as a Single Seater Racing car. 


  • Permitted changes to Modified Mini based classes: Engine – Transmission – Suspension – Brakes – Body parts as recognised and remanufactured by Mini Spares Ltd as a direct replacement; Items not covered may be clarified by the Speed Committee before points are awarded.


3.3     The onus of responsibility for the eligibility of vehicles competing in the Championship rests with the entrant. In the event of a dispute concerning the compliance of a vehicleto the regulations, the onus will be on the competitor to satisfy the organisers with     documentary evidence, and NOT for the organisers to prove compliance.



3.4    Any evidence required to substantiate the eligibility of a car in a particular class,     must be available at the event, or if additional information is required a copy is to be     supplied to the Eligibility Scrutineer within seven calendar days of the event to comply (if by post, postal date will be used as verification).


3.5    Any competitors running outside the regulations for the class in which they have     entered the Championship at any round, will not score points towards the     Championship at that round. 


3.6        If a competitor wishes to enter a Championship round in a different car from that     originally specified on the Championship Entry Form, the Championship Co‐ordinator must be notified before the round concerned. If notifying by post, the     postal date will be used as the notification date.  


This CANNOT be undertaken on the day of the event. 


 4.  Sporting Regulations – Judicial Procedures: 


4.1     Rounds: In accordance with Section C of the MSUK Yearbook.


4.2     Championship: In accordance with Section C of the MSUK Yearbook.


5.  Results: 


4.1     Results will be displayed on the Downton Motor Club website at: www.downtonmotorclub.co.uk